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Food allergy education, advocacy, and support

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Whether you are newly diagnosed or an experienced food allergy family, this website hosts a wealth of information to help you with food allergy management.   The four clickable panels below provide links to much of the content that is of interest “For Families”…

Newly Diagnosed

If you have just learned that your child has a true food allergy you might feel flooded with many thoughts and emotions. Trying to make sense of the test results and figuring out what foods are safe and unsafe for your child can be very verwhelming. Everyone finds their own comfort level and way to manage their child’s food allergies. Follow the link below to read some first steps that you may consider taking:

Newly Diagnosed Page


Local Resources Local Allergists/Medical Professionals; Local Hampton Roads Food Resources…

Advocacy and Support Initiatives; National Organizations; Government Agencies; School Resources…

Books and Magazines Books, Cookbooks, Children’s Books, Magazines/Newsletters…

Online Resources Travel supplies; food shops; restaurant cards; apparel & gear; labels; epinephrine; educational downloads…




Interested in posts and other content that might appeal to you, your family, or friends with food allergies?

Latest Articles and Blog Posts For Families