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Back at our October FASGOT meeting, we were thrilled to have Michelle Lenz and her son Camden come up from the Outer Banks to show us the great new products they’ve been perfecting for carrying auto injectors.

These WOOB bags are fabulous!!! Everyone at the meeting was excited about the product. They are unlike anything out there on the market right now. While small in size, they are able to hold two auto injectors, a dose of antihistamine, and an information card with phone numbers. Once attached around belt loops, the kids don’t have to think about it the rest of the day.

I immediately ordered one for each of my 3 food allergic children and they agree that the bags are wonderful!  Michelle has been great to work with and has been open to special requests for prints, colors, and fabrics.  As you spread the word about this great product, check out the following resources, including an informative brief Mrs. Lenz wrote just for FASGOT along with helpful links…


WOOB is a medical bag that was created by a mother and son team, Michelle and Camden Lenz. The WOOB was created out of a need to allow Camden to safely carry his epinephrine with him at all times. All WOOBs are designed to carry two epinephrine injectors, including EpiPen and AuviQ brand injectors. It gives children the ability to safely and securely carry their medication with them wherever they go.


The WOOB features:

  • a zipper closure
  • nylon straps
  • a durable canvass bag (for heavy use and wear

The WOOB is designed to securely attach to your son’s or daughter’s clothing using only two of their belt loops. The WOOB straps are securely run through the belt loops and wrapped around once to fasten together with a high strength velcro.

Once attached, the WOOB becomes an integral part of your child’s clothing and need not be removed for the rest of the day. This secure attachment allows your child to move freely while knowing their safe should a reaction happen. If you don’t have belt loops on your pants you may use WOOB LOOPs on any bottoms. The WOOB LOOPS are attached by simply sewing on 4 buttons at the waistband.his waist (fanny pack style), which he did not like because it would rub on skin when it rode up over his jeans or it went in all the belt loops (with or without the need for a belt) which required undoing when using the bathroom.


The other common style seemed to be a climbing hook which attached to one belt loop. This bag seemed to move quite a bit. Having said all that the biggest difference is that our bag carries 2 injections no matter which of the 3 styles your choose with room for a single dose of an antihistamine.

A donation is being made to allergy research for every bag sold. Last, we have our WOOB LOOPS which creates belt loops for pants/skirt/short without belt loops meaning you have no restrictions with what you can wear to use the bag. We are currently working on an attachment to make it friendly for dresses.

Our company is also in the process of making a bag to include a child’s inhaler as well as their injections and a teen bag which could carry injections and a phone The WOOB strap design is versatile because it can be secured to most anything. For example, if your child is swimming, the WOOB bag can easily be secured to a purse or chair allowing easy access.

The WOOB comes in a variety of designs and colors, and they are currently available for purchase in the U.S.