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Food allergy education, advocacy, and support

Very Merry Holiday Safety Tips



Hosting a holiday party or venturing out with Grandma to a Christmas Eve shindig?  Besides steering clear of reindeer with road rage, you may also want to keep on the look-out for dishes with food allergy potential.  Here are some weblinks to articles written to provide helpful information, giving you a fun and safe holiday party experience.

“4 Tips to Keep Allergies from Dampening Your Holiday”

Heather Bennett posts four holiday safety tips from FARE preceded by a story from a teacher and mom of 3 (2 have food allergies).  Here are the take home points from FARE…

  • Talk to your child before a party or gathering. Remind them to always check with you before eating a food someone offers.
  • Set up a special baking time to make allergy-free holiday treats that your child knows they can eat and share.
  • Keep small, inexpensive toys, trinkets, or special allergy-free treats handy so your child can trade any party treats they cannot have.
  • Suggest food-free party ideas at school, such as games or making crafts for holiday keepsakes. (Check craft materials for any food allergens.)

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“Food Allergy Talk with the Super Nanny: 7 Tips for Staying Safe at Holiday Parties”

Jo Frost, TV’s popular ‘Super Nanny,’ lives with food allergies to shellfish and nuts.  Jessica Cohen speaks with the ‘Super Nanny” about the difficulties of having a food allergy during this time of year.  On her blog post, she discusses Jo Frost’s suggestions for staying safe at holiday parties, particularly addressing food allergy triggers, having an action plan, and what to know before you go.

  • Create an Emergency Plan.
  • Communicate with the host before the party.
  • Take all of your necessities with you.
  • If you’re the host, communicate with your guests.
  • Look up “anaphylaxis.”
  • Educate others for your kid’s sake.
  • Celebrate the real you.

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“Navigating the holidays with food allergies”

In this CNN Parents article, Mireille Schwartz underscores the challenge food allergies present for party hosts and party goers alike.  As such, she gives practical advice for both “demographics.”  In summary, she advises hosts to pay attention to food labels and to be tediously careful in the kitchen.  Likewise, she advises guests with food allergies to bring allergy-free food with them or to ship it ahead of the party.  If taking the later route, make sure you instruct the host on “cross-contamination” serving awareness.

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