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Food allergy education, advocacy, and support

Amusement Parks

When navigating amusement parks with food allergies, it is always a good idea to call ahead right before your visit to confirm the parks policies, especially since those at security might not always be properly informed.

Never be caught unprepared!! Keep all medications with you, as the parks are large. Don’t have them in the car or locked in a locker. If more than one individual in your group has allergies, be sure each person with allergies has medication on them at all times in the event your group splits up. A good rule to follow is to always have epinephrine within arm’s reach.

It is a good idea to have safe snacks with you, in case it is hard to find what the food allergic individual needs or you are uncomfortable in a particular situation when trying to dine.

Ocean-Breeze-logoOcean Breeze (Virginia Beach, VA)

They have been very accommodating the last few years.  They have allowed small coolers for medicine and outside food to be brought in. The park requested in the past you provide a doctors note.

Ocean Breeze has always offered to keep medications in their first aid area.  Food managers from this park have been very accommodating over the phone and in person to identify safe food and help go through food labels with me.


SeaWorldBuschGardens-logoBusch Gardens, Water Country, & Sea World Parks (Williamsburg, VA  &  Orlando, FL)

They have not been consistent the last few years, even within the same park, in handling food. Recently they began a new Allergy Friendly program in which you have a card that you can print
online or pick up in the park that directs you to a manager in the food area that you would like to dine that will help identify safe foods.

This is a big step and hopefully will help those with food allergies have a consistently good experience at their parks.   At our most recent visit, Water Country had allergy friendly prepackage food.

Sea World Orlando recently took it a step further.  Click to view Seaworld’s Food Allergen Information.

Click to view Busch Gardens’ Food Allergen Information website for policies, tips, and site specific instructions.

Here’s hoping for a great season at those parks!!

Sesame-Place-LogoSesame Place (Langhorn, PA)

This theme park has nice food allergy policies in place and encourage you to speak with the friendly managers at the eating establishments, although safe options can be limited.

They do allow small coolers in the park, so it is easy and hassle free to bring in safe food.  Furthermore, should you need something while you’re there, their website maps where to buy allergy-friendly snacks.

View Sesame Place’s Special Needs Accessibility page (see ‘Special Needs Dining’ section).


Walt_Disney_World_logoDisney World (Orlando, FL)

In typical Disney fashion, even dining with food allergies at Disney World is a magical experience.  View their special dietary requests page.

They allow food allergic individuals to bring food into the parks and will provide refrigerators in their hotel rooms upon request.

Disney World will provide upon request EXTENSIVE information before your visit regarding dining options, including fast food options, specific brands of allergy free food and snacks and where they can be located in the different parks, and reservation information for table-service dining.

For their table service dining, they have requested in the past you make reservations 2 weeks in advance. They have a chef from each restaurant call ahead of time, one meet your party upon arrival to the restaurant, help make meal choices, prepare the specific meals, and deliver them to the table.  At buffets, the chef will walk you through the buffet, informing what food choices would be safe, and will then bring your food out from the kitchen for you. They will also specifically
prepare items for you if needed.

At the Disney World Parks, the chefs will likely be more popular with your family than the Disney Characters!