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Food allergy education, advocacy, and support

SunButter Coupon



FASGOT friends and other food allergy families…

With all of the recent publicity about peanut and nut butter recalls along with parents wanting to find “School Safe” peanut-free products, we wanted to inform our readers about the SunButter brand.   SunButter is both peanut and tree nut free and is used in many schools across America as a delicious and safe alternative to peanut butter.

As a benefit to our readers, SunButter has kindly provided a downloadable/printable coupon.  This is a chance to try their products at discounted costs, especially if you belong to a family of “couponers.”   FYI, Farm Fresh and Harries Teater have double/triple coupon days.  Check their sale ads and company websites for more info…



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Feel free to share this page using your social networking account to help spread the word about this benefit.  As with any food item you purchase, read the labels and lists of ingredients carefully.