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Food allergy education, advocacy, and support

Our Story


The Food Allergy Support Group of Tidewater (FASGOT) offers opportunities to learn about food allergies and meet other people managing related challenges. We host educational meetings, play groups, and other social events designed to offer local families in Hampton Roads the opportunity to connect with one another.  Through these events we also hope to increase education and awareness of food allergy in our community.

FASGOT is a non-profit organization that was started in November 2007 by parents who were struggling with the everyday challenges of raising children with food allergies.   Along with our Medical Advisor, Dr. Angela Hogan, we strive to provide educational support about food allergies to the community and networking for our members.

While FASGOT provides opportunities to advocate for our children, our main goal is to learn new things and enhance their ability to grow up prepared to manage their allergies in a healthy way.   Our group includes families with children of all ages who are coping with food allergies. Medical providers, school nurses, teachers, dietitians, and other professionals are also an integral part of FASGOT.

We maintain an open invitation to anyone interested in receiving or sharing information on managing food allergies. This organization recognizes that with the right plan, children with food allergies can do anything!