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Kudos: Auvi-Q Goodwill Replacement


Kudos to Sanofi for having its Auvi-Q Goodwill Replacement Program!

To fellow Auvi-Q users….

Recently, when a member of FASGOT filled her child’s auto-injector prescription, the Auvi-Qs she received from the pharmacy had shorted dates (by six months).   As it turns out, this has happened to other people too, evidenced by a simple web-search.

One food allergy blogger wrote to Sanofi, Auvi-Q’s parent company; this was the reply she received:

Patients or caregivers who, within the last 31 days, purchased an Auvi-Q that expires in less than 12 months are eligible to receive a savings card with a maximum benefit of $400 off one two-pack of Auvi-Q for each Auvi-Q purchase that meets the terms and conditions. Savings cards are valid for use January 1 – June 30, 2015.  Patients or caregivers who purchased an Auvi-Q in the past 31 days with 6 months or less of dating may receive a replacement Auvi-Q or they can opt to receive a savings card.  For more information, including terms and conditions, patients or caregivers should call Sanofi Customer Service at 1-800-633-1610.

Our FASGOT Mom also decided to reach out to Sanofi; she called their Goodwill Replacement hotline at 1-800-633-1610 and explained the situation.  They took her information and asked her to email a picture of the Auvi-Qs with proof of purchase – something the pharmacy was able to print out for her.


A couple weeks later, she received TWO cards that are good for $400 towards a purchase of a two pack. The new prescription had an expiration date which was at least 12 months out, the longest she has ever received for an Auvi-Q auto-injector.