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Food allergy education, advocacy, and support

It takes a village to raise a child (with food allergy)



Have you ever had “one of those days?”

You know, missing that turn when you’re already running late. Leaving your softball equipment at home on a gameday…

When taking care of a child with food allergies, an off day – missing a label or leaving epinephrine at home – could be dangerous. US News & World Report recently published an interesting article entitled “It takes a village to raise a child (with food allergy).” The piece provides insightful feedback from moms of kids with food allergies that were asked “What do you wish we parents of kids without food allergies would do to help make your child safer?

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The article’s author, Tamara Duker Freuman, MS, RD, CDN, is a NYC-based registered dietitian whose clinical practice specializes in digestive disorders, Celiac Disease, and food intolerances. Her personal blog focuses on healthy eating and gluten-free living.