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Food allergy education, advocacy, and support

Back-to-School Food Allergy Resources


It’s that time of year again – BACK TO SCHOOL!  If you listen carefully, you can hear the groans of children being drowned out by the boisterous applause of their parents!  Having a child with a food allergies, however, can turn applause into concern, for parents and teachers alike.

Fortunately, help is only a mouse-click away!

A printable checklist for parents and school personnel to better manage students with food allergies is posted below.  Scroll down beneath the checklist for links to important forms and other helpful online resources.



Additional Resources


This is a new, wonderful, interactive, and comprehensive online program for school personnel.

FARE School Resources

Food Allergy Research and Education is a national organization with wonderful tools and resources for teachers and administrators.

Life Threatening Allergy Management Plan


Asthma Action Plan

Asthma Action Plan